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Careers at Browndorf PEM LLC

February 20, 2009

Browndorf PEM is a Newport Beach-based financial services company. The company offers a complete suite of investment management solutions to private clients, families, offices and institutions. Browndorf offers great opportunities for young and enthusiastic professionals. The company offers the following positions in its main offices in Newport.

Browndorf seeks Senior Wealth Advisors for its growing wealth advisory division. The position demands entrepreneurial thinkers to build and manage their businesses. They are responsible for attracting and managing high net worth, ultra high new worth, family offices and small institutional clients. Browndorf promises a highly professional environment and freedom to put yourself in a position to offer your clients the most sophisticated asset management services available, including traditional and alternative strategies, and be supported by a team of seasoned industry professionals.

Browndorf PEM seeks film finance and development lawyer to work as in-house counsel in position of Associate General Counsel. The position demands the ability to structure special purpose vehicles, create term sheets for various film financing structures and banking relationships, create and manage financing agreements and create and maintain various corporate structures.

Both positions require the ability to work independently, ambitiously and cooperatively within an energetic and focused team of like-minded legal, financial and industry professionals.

Browndorf Wealth Advisory Services

February 20, 2009

Matthew Browndorf led firm BrowndorfPEM is a registered investment advisor for the Browndorf Distressed Control Fund. BrowndorfPEM manages the fund with the help of legal, finance, credit, bankruptcy and turnaround experts including the likes of Matthew Browndorf, emphasizing private equity investment styles in debt and equity control positions of private and public companies and/or projects that qualify as distressed investments.

BrowndorfPEM Wealth Advisory Services offered by Matthew Browndorf focus on providing customized asset management and financial planning techniques to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients. BrowndorfPEM uses a disciplined asset allocation, risk management, and performance monitoring process. With all these features, BrowndorfPEM is in a position to advise its clients with respect to their preferences and needs while adhering to the financial planning principles of Matthew Browndorf.

BrowndorfPEM compliments traditional investment strategies with alternative investment solutions such as Browndorf hedge funds, private equity offerings, REIT’s, commodity indices, CTA’s, and other low correlated vehicles designed to diversify risk and enhance performance. BrowndorfPEM invests and holds itself responsible for the investment. By staying within the risk tolerance as defined by the client, BrowndorfPEM expects their client portfolios to perform well regardless of market conditions.

The Wealth Advisory Services from Matthew Browndorf’s BrowndorfPEM serves you by understanding your financial situation and how that influences your goals and aspirations. By working with BrowndorfPEM, you will achieve your life’s goals.

Browndorf PEM is managed by professionals for professionals. Browndorf PEM is managed by Matthew Browndorf, Esq. Matthew Browndorf has an impeccable record as an attorney in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and England and Wales.

Mathew Browndorf- An investment advisor beyond all comparisons.

February 16, 2009

I managed to save quite some money over the course of life. However, the thought of being able to invest them properly into the proper channels was eating me up. I spent most of time surfing the net looking for a good financial advisor who would be able to help me accomplish my task. It was then when I chanced to look up the website of Browndorf PEM, a California based financial adviser, infact they are a full-service private equity management firm with huge number of private as well as corporate clients.

Once I called them and spoke to their financial advisors, I knew instantly that my money was in safe hands and that I need not worry anymore…i have just entered the right path. Their strength basically lies in their strategic vision and a super experienced management team along with a sound legal structure. They have a wide range of financial services that include Browndorf Wealth Advisory Services, Funds and Investment Banking Services.

Its been two years since I have been associated with this firm…and ever since there has been no looking back. So, if you ask me, Browndorf is a must try. And in a, sure that you will never regret the decision.

How is BrowndorfPEM different from others in the trade?

February 16, 2009

Browndorf PEM is an emerging hedge fund manager in Newport Beach, CA. The company offers full financial services with a comprehensive suite of financial management and growth products suitable for private clients, family, office, as well as large institutions.

Browndorf PEM’s portfolio includes wealth advisory services, private equity and hedge fund management services and investment banking services. The company was established in 2002 and is a Pennsylvania limited liability Company (LLC) registered to do business in California.

Along with the support of a personalized and professional management team led by Matthew C. Browndorf, Esq., the company has got a powerful legal, ethical and compliant infrastructure that can compliment the business intelligence.

Browndorf PEM strengths lie in their strategic vision, professional team, legal structure, unique mix of products and core affiliates. The company maintains a close and confident alignment with private client investors, which are managed through the wealth advisory services.

Browndorf follows a unique life settlement hedging strategy that allows for insured investments along with alternative investment. The proprietary fund offerings and the custom tailored independent offerings from Browndorf PEM through a network of non-affiliated and independent investment banking services are capable of meeting the unique attributes of a sophisticated and demanding investor base.

How can Matthew Browndorf LLC help you?

February 16, 2009

Matthew Browndorf LLC is the most trusted name in private equity management (PEM) services. The company, led by attorney Matthew C. Browndorf, Esq., offers three types of services to its customers.

At the core of the services at Matthew Browndorf LLC is the Wealth Advisory Services. Through this service, the company provides customized asset management and financial planning techniques to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients.
Browndorf adopts a disciplined approach in asset allocation, risk management, and performance monitoring process, so it is capable of advising its clients based on their preferences, while adhering to the principles of asset management.

Matthew Browndorf PEM, LLC, advisor for the Browndorf Life Settlements Funds, offer tailor-made solutions for both short and long term investment needs. They also offer solutions for collateral for project investments and other asset backed securitized structures in a Principal Protected Note type of structure.

The Investment Banking Services from Browndorf PEM aligns itself primarily with investor base, so it operates through a separate registered representative of independent broker dealers. These independent representatives allow Browndorf PEM to refer clients to those independent representatives when they are best suited for a particular client. This approach helps the company to focus on their investor first and the transaction next.